Marion Gold

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Totally Professional Voiceover Services with FAST Turnaround!"
Marion Gold

As a New York City metro area-based voice acting talent, I offer a fully professional product with top quality performance and a fast turnaround. Guaranteed! Fully professional voiceover recordings in a wide range of formats and within a large number of applications, usually within several hours and often around the clock. Additionally, I can frequently add suitable music or effects to enhance the final product, depending on the requirements of the job. A highly professional, credible, reassuring deep, resonant tone make my voice ideal for any application that would benefit from an authoritative, comforting, and convincing read, whether commercial, educational, narrative, or technical. Extensive experience in numerous industries gives me a strong knowledge of the language and terminology in many technical and specialized areas, including medical and pharmaceutical, food, telecommunications, HBA, computers, manufacturing, chemical, and others.


I have trained extensively with Edge Studios and Such a Voice!


My professionalism, quality of performance, and responsiveness make working with me an ideal experience for my customers, which include a wide range of international commercial, technical, educational, entertainment, and religious organizations. I have numerous satisfied clients worldwide – including Europe, North and South America, the Middle and Far East, and Asia – and such diverse companies as, Berlitz, Procter & Gamble, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Pfizer, Celebrity Types,, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Sage College and Calvary Baptist Church, among others.


I have extensive editing and post-production experience and skills.