Marconi Teixeira

Marconi Teixeira

Miembro desde 6 años •
"I am a next door very friendly but professional voice"

I can provide references from major companies that I work from on how reliable all my deliveries are regarding quality and meeting deadlines. I am also really good with dubbing. Credits can be checked at
I have a very neutral/commercial accent which is the most desirable for commercial ads, business presentations, eLearning, tutorials and dubbing.


I never had a formal training. I started as a director 12 years ago and with time I started filling for recordings and on the last 10 years I built a very solid reputation in Los Angeles as a voice talent.


I've been recording dubbing for companies such Disney, Pixar, SDL, Azteca, Telemundo, HBO, BBC, Discovery and NatGeo, and commercial recordings for companies such as Apple, Motorola, SDL, Google, HP, Sony TV, Rockstar Games, GE, GM, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, Dow Chemicals, Bank of America, Adidas, Nivea, Western Union, Lionbridge, CTS, WHP, LARAGH, CYRACOM and many more.


I am also a music producer/audio engineering and I sing as well, so I can work jingles and hard editing as well.