Mars Lipowski

Mars Lipowski

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Voice is a powerful tool... And I know how to use it."

My professional career as a voiceover artist has started in 2003 in Poland at my town's local TV station. My work there has been mostly focused on the commercial read, although I also had a chance to narrate a great number of other projects.
But when I moved to UK few years ago, I went from local to world-wide with my voice.
I enrolled in multiple training courses with The Showreel / London and Gravy For the Brain team, to refresh and expand my VO skills. Through a combination of courses and mentoring I have been trained in all aspects of the Voiceover business to a professional level.
The skills taught include advanced techniques such as delivery speed, inflection and prosody patterns, and gaming techniques such as character creation, non-scripted vocals, and loop grouping. In addition, I am very proficient with complimentary skills such as self direction, copy writing, video production, and audio engineering skills, for example setting levels, advanced editing, and mastering.
Since being trained, I have worked freelance as a Voiceover, both actively finding new clients and using the casting websites. I consistently book work, am shortlisted, or asked to privately audition for roles on these sites.

Due to the quality of my voice and my accent,
I am frequently asked to voice gravely characters, or productions where authoritative native Polish language or non-native English accent is needed.

I specialise in gravely character voices for games and animations.
I'm highly capable of voicing for commercials, explainer videos and e-learning content.
I'm also trained in other aspects of voiceover.


The Showreel / London
· Intro To Voice Over Workshop

Gravy For the Brain Training Courses
· Home Recording Studio
· How to Compress Vocal Recordings
· Voiceover for Gaming
· How to Voice Commercials
· How to Voice Audiobooks
· Create Amazing Demo Reels - English Edition
· Advanced to Professional Standard Voiceover


Animated Storyboards Studio · UK
· corporate narration for Philips Saeco Xelsis brand

Future scenarios · UK / Silesian Museum Katowice · Poland
· artists film narration

Philips - Poland
· Voice of Seaco Xelsis digital advertising campaign

Daikin · Japan
· corporate narration

Noonee · Germany
· Chairless Chair 2.0 corporate campaign narration

Geo Games / Restless Corp.
· Thief's Shelter – 2 voices for the game characters

Folklore Sound And Music · Brisbane · AUS
· Voiceover for feature movie LOVELAND,
starring Hugo Weaving.

Lavello Sinks · Poland
· Voiceover for the company podcast

Kimberly-Clark Professional · UK
· Corporate narration

Stage23 · Russia
· Dominance – game character voiceover

PRS24 Polska Radio Stacja · Swindon · UK
· Radio imaging spots
· Commercials for numerous clients
· Promo spots

Master TV · Glogow · Poland
· A series of TV commercials for numerous clients.


Sound effects composer, Video editor.