Malcolm Tolman

Malcolm Tolman

Miembro desde 6 años •
"High Energy, Young Sounding Voice. From Heroes to Villains"

Malcolm is a Flexible voice actor with a High Energy, Young sounding voice. He is able to do a large variety of voices, including;
-Guy Next Door (Warm, Kind, Friendly)
-Hard Sells (Salesman, Party Goer, Exciting)
-Teen Hero (Adventurous, Bold, Go-Getter)
-Evil Villains (Demonic, Psychopath, Deranged)
-Mad Professors (Comical, Foreign, Big Headed)
-Preteens (Uncertain, Shy, Developing Voices)
-Children (Cute, Shy, Rascals)
-Animals or Anthropomorphic Creatures (Cute, Fiesty, Human-like)
-And Much MUCH More!


Malcolm has received training from many different sources. From four years dramatic stage training as a teenager, to two years training in business presentations as a young adult, to a year of voice over work at current day. As for unofficial practice; Acting and Voices have been a part of Malcolm's life since childhood. From radio dramas to youtubing, to stage plays, he has worked in a wide variety of mediums and is ever striving to improve his timing, and character studies.


Spirit Heroes - Monster Noises


Full Home Studio
Post Recording Clean up Available