Mac Roberts

Mac Roberts

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Friendly, conversational & warm with a natural resonant tone!"

I've voiced all sorts of things from commercials, business narrations & training videos to station IDs and characters for theme park shows! With a slightly deep and resonant tone, most of my work is recorded in my natural speaking voice. My most popular deliveries are engaging, believable, casual, trustworthy, conversational and sincere. While I spend much of my time these days in front of the mic performing narration for internet videos or being the soft-sell spokesperson for commercials and training platforms, I still enjoy performing "old school announcer" type deliveries for television and radio ads and I happily provide the occasional character voice as well!


I'm professionally trained as both an audio engineer and voice talent. I've been in the entertainment & recording industry for almost 25 years & I have formal education in Music & the Recording Arts. Most of my skills have been developed over years and years of actual performance and editing. I have experience performing, writing, producing and engineering voice over projects that span virtually all markets and genres.


You may have heard some of my work on your favorite radio station or YouTube channel; or maybe while walking around during your last theme park visit; or while watching your favorite super hero. You also could have heard me in your last training video or business introduction video on a company's website. In addition to recording my voice, I've also used it for announcing on live televised awards shows. I've been the voice for projects by companies such as:
-Warner Bros.
-The Coca-Cola Company
-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
-Six Flags Entertainment Co.
-Marriott International
-Norwegian Cruise Lines
-and more...


I love to collaborate and I take direction very well - live sessions and general communication are lighthearted and fun, while meeting tight deadlines is also not a problem. From my professionally built home studio, I can deliver broadcast-quality, mastered audio files in any format my clients need. I'm also happy to sync narration to video, supply music beds, provide sound fx and perform general audio editing services.