Lynn Norris

Lynn Norris

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Tough Lovely VO - Bossy Friendliness. Youthful Resonance."

Lynn Norris’ knock-out talent can pull in, protect, or push your audience around with a friendliness so spry they’ll think they asked for it and then ask for more. Tack on the ease and speed with which she delivers, and it’s no wonder she’s fast becoming a leading female contender in the highly competitive VO ring.

Lynn’s got a full locker of vocal aptitudes & attitudes that can resonate with big brains, tender hearts, smart asses, silly gooses - and your toughest customers therein. Her opera background and love of animation gives her an extra appreciation for the dramatic and the ridiculous. And after a long career in financial software development, Lynn is also fluent in "tech speak", "financial copy", "software education", "compliance concepts", and she knows how important it is to deliver your information in an easy to digest and engaging manner.

Experience what it sounds like to win, and let Lynn’s Tough Lovely VO get scrappy with your script today!
"I loved working with Lynn! Her professionalism is outstanding, her communication is clear, and her narration...well, let's just say she made me cry a couple times and I already knew what was happening since I wrote the book! I highly recommend her." ~ New York Times Bestselling Author, Calinda B

"Lynn is an awesome voiceover artist! She can do so many voices! And she is very professional as well! She even gave me feedback on a client's script which feel is going above and beyond. I will definitely use her services again and again."  ~ Malachi Staples, Essence Cartoon


Lynn believes education as a voice talent never stops. Because voices are a living, breathing instrument, she works to refine and improve her skills at every opportunity. This allows her to consistently deliver to clients the highest possible value for their projects.

This carries over to her singing as well - as a classically trained opera singer, she applies this ethic to singing with regular standing training sessions to explore and refine those skills as well.


Lynn is a booking member of the roster for Essence Cartoon.

She also has a number of authors whose work she's brought to the audiobook platform.

Lynn is a regular performer in and around New York City in concerts and collaborations with composers.

Areas of expertise:
Corporate Training (specialty - financial software)
Audio Books


Lynn is a classically trained singer (opera, oratorio, concert) and a very quick study - which applies to learning copy or music. She has an excellent ear for nuance and "color" and a well-tuned ability to find the musicality of a piece (text or music).