Lyndsay Hirsch

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"Warm, conversational, and upbeat"
Lyndsay Hirsch

Lyndsay Hirsch Greenberg is a voice actor with the enthusiasm to give your project the attention it deserves! She is a passionate storyteller with a great ear and the ability to illuminate scripts with just the right amount of magic.
Her versatile voice has been described as:

Warm, conversational, and friendly
Luxurious, rich, classy and exclusive
Genuine, honest, down-to-earth: the best friend, cool aunt or older sister
Sassy, strong attitude, no-nonsense
Wry, sarcastic, and funny
Sexy, smooth, and sultry
Warm, approachable, and knowledgeable expert
Fun, youthful, playful, and upbeat girl-next-door (Generation X, Y, Z)
Calming, motivational, relaxed, and reassuring
Confident, strong, and compassionate
Thoughtful, caring, and concerned
Sophisticated, professional
Inspiring, sincere storyteller
Believable, honest, and raw testimonial
Quirky, enthusiastic, and energetic salesperson
Slightly raspy, edgy, and smart

Her vocal “age” has a fantastic range, from teenager to young adult to middle-aged.

Lyndsay can play a variety of characters for animation/cartoons, anime, video games, commercials, audio books, and film — and enjoys every second of it!

Lyndsay’s wide range allows her to imitate celebrities including Emma Stone, Scarlett Johannson, Mila Kunis, Sarah Silverman, Juliana Margulies, Kristen Wiig, Kristen Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Susan Sarandon, Julie Bowen, Claire Danes, Julia Roberts, and Big Ang. She also loves doing fun characters and accents like Nerdy Preteen Boy, Chirpy Teenage Girl, Snobby Mall Rat, Sultry Sexpot, 1930’s Gangster’s Moll/Girlfriend, 1940’s Continental Accent, Soothing Young Mother, Ditzy Valley Girl, Doting Jewish Mother, Teenage Skater Boy, and more! Let her know if you have something in mind!

Her voiceover training comes from extensive coaching with Anna Garduno (of (Website hidden) ) – but Lyndsay also has a background in corporate advertising, copywriting and sales — specializing in luxury goods — with extensive experience in social media marketing.


Studied with voice coach Anna Garduno (voice


Lyndsay has recorded projects for Fox Entertainment, Spectrum, Pillsbury, Coca-Cola, CVS, Wells Fargo, Staples, Eharmony, Post-it, Smartfood, GAP, Nature Valley, Lactaid, IKEA, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the United States Census, Oregon Chai, Sherwin Williams, Wyoming Lottery, Allworth Financial, Pagbank and more- including many regional, small business clients who she loves!
Lyndsay has done a variety of voice work including animation, audio books, commercials, IVR, industrial and internal videos, explainer videos, and more!


Lyndsay is happy to self-direct or take direction live from clients; files can be produced raw or edited, in mp3 or wav form depending on your preferences.