Luiz Laffey

Luiz Laffey

Miembro desde 4 años
"The right choice for your project"

I'm an actor with over 20 years of experience in soap operas, dubbing, voiceover, TV commercials, and feature films.
Also, I am a DJ, host, and announcer with over 30 years of experience, and I've been worked in major radio stations in Brazil.
And I want to be in your project... simple like that!


Voiceover STS Conservatory Utah, USA
Actors Master Class Robert Andrus Utah, USA
Advanced Acting STS Conservatory Utah, USA
Voiceover SENAC São Paulo, Brazil
Audio engineering SENAC São Paulo, Brazil
Radio Station Business SENAC São Paulo, Brazil
Television and Digital Communication SENAC São Paulo, Brazil
Voice Acting SATED São Paulo, Brazil
Acting SATED São Paulo, Brazil


Turner International, HBO, Disney, Discovery Channels, Rede Globo de Televisão, Rede Record TV, Band TV, TV Cultura, National Geographic, Warner Studios, Microsoft, Intel, GVT, Creative Media, Red Bull, Sony Pictures and others


Baritone, choir singer