Attractive and sexy male voice with a touch of tenderness.

As a narrator I have recently won an Audiofile Earphones Award in 2011 for the audiobook "Las lágrimas del sol" by J.A. Merino.
Big range (low and high), many different characters, play with voices,etc...

I am also an actor that has studied with very good teachers in New York (Susan Batson, Laura Esterman, etc). (Very good announcer.Not conventional although I can play conventional too).

As a singer-composer I published an album in Spain with my band called "QVINQVE".


10 years of experience in Spain and USA as a voiceover.


Beat Music (Spain). Jordi Civit (or Silvia)
Recorded Books (New York) . Claudia Howard. Manuel Herrera.

National tv campaigns USA: Budweisser, Planters, Popeye´s, McDonalds
Tv Campaigns Spain: Samsung, Burn, etc.