Lucile Delanne

Lucile Delanne

Miembro desde 10 años •
"lucile delanne, actress and voice over."

I'm an actress since I was 8.
Very ampathetic, I've study psychology and pratice as a psychologist.

I am now voice actress, dubber, and I have a modulating voice (young, teenage, old, animals, ...) even if my natural tone, medium-bass is warm and reassuring.
listen !


I am an actress since I am 8.
I'm a documentary voice over since 2011.
I am freelancer voice actress since 2013.
I have formation from dubbing school 2019.


2O years ago: books recorder for blind pressons
10 years ago: advertising, invisible character, singer for drama shows
Since 2011 : Documentary , ebook, elearning, explainers, corporate, advertising (TV or radio), ...


voice over

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