Lucas Williams

Lucas Williams

Miembro desde 2 años
"The youthful, conversational voice you need."

The work you receive from me is unique because I have a unique perspective in the industry.

I am a trained audio engineer, experienced creative, and I've worked with hundreds of clients and talent alike to make amazing projects happen. Both sides of the desk, both sides of the industry.

I can deliver any file formats you need. I can assist with any extra production you need. I can even consult on your project if you need a second opinion or some copywriting!


I've trained with countless VO coaches (and some artists I've just convinced to work with me) regularly as I believe training and keeping your skills sharp is unbelievably important for every VO artist.

I trained in audio at Fanshawe College, where I also developed my love for VO doing ADR and other media projects.


My biggest achievements are actually on the other side of the table- I'm a VO demo producer, and my biggest satisfaction comes from helping other VO talent develop their careers with amazing calling cards to book them more work.


I would say post-production is my specialty, but I'm also a folk singer in another life so that can sometimes come in handy!