Lisa Wurzrainer

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"Calm, clear, reassuring, trustworthy, soothing"
Lisa Wurzrainer

I have more than 25 years of public speaking experience, both in person and over public address systems. In addition, I have been the voice of answering systems for two companies for many years. I have excellent pronunciation and clarity. My voice has the following qualities; authentic, soothing, approachable, friendly, kind, conversational, calm, casual, clear, gentle, intelligent, mature, motherly, trustworthy, tender, sweet and matter-of-fact. I am able to turn projects around quickly. I have a home studio with professional recording equipment (Rode NT microphone with pop filter and shockmount and I use a Mac). I use audacity for mastering files.


I have multiple e-book narrations/productions in my repertoire and my work is featured on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I am proficient in the use of Audacity for mastering files and can produce finished voice over work for clients. In addition, I have worked in the adventure travel industry for close to 30 years as Expedition Leader and Cruise Director and have extensive experience with public speaking, not only to groups - both small and large - in person, but also over public address systems. I have also been the "Voice" of the voicemail system for two different companies - one company for close to 25 years and the other for close to 20 years. I have many, many years of practical speaking and recording experience.


I have always appreciated over the years the positive feedback from guests about the clarity and soothing quality of my voice, particularly from guests whose native language was not English. My favorite comment from a more recent trip was from a guest from New York City who said that she loved being woken up every morning (we were on board a ship) to "the voice of an angel". I took that as very high praise!


I am able to master my own files with Audacity and provide finished work for clients.