Lin Sagovsky

Lin Sagovsky

Miembro desde 4 años •
"A natural RP with a warm tone that's relaxed and confident"

Mine is the sound of the professional: a natural RP with a warm tone that’s relaxed and confident for narrations, soft-sell commercials and BBC News-style presentations.
I can turn up the bounce and enthusiasm for a harder sell or a comedy tone.
I can play 9 or 90, add accents and bring out the fun of character voices for animations, games, and children's stories.


Trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (2 year vocational Acting Course), following a BA Hons Drama degree at Manchester University and before an MfA in Playwriting course at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA. All of which included an element of practical broadcasting and filmmaking.

Then spent many years doing voice work of all kinds, as detailed in my Experience. I also constantly attend workshops run by The Actors' Guild, the WSW London Equity Branch, BECS and the FEU.

I also belong to Gravy for the Brain and Voiceover Kickstart, and participate in their forums, attend their webinars, do their online courses, and attend their networking events.


I've worked for the BBC in many guises: 'English by Radio' for the World Service (18 months with their Rep Company); dramas and features for Radio 3 and Radio 4; narrations for BBC Television, and for many independent film production companies providing documentaries for the BBC, especially on Natural History.

Also numerous audiobooks in various accents from German to Geordie; some foreign language dubbing and IVR; narrowcast corporates; audio travel guides; local radio commercials - and characters ranging from a megolomaniac alien in a new Dr Who audio adventure to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (aged 92) in an independent radio drama for Radio 4. One found that awfully amusing - as did one's audience, apparently.


I am also a highly experienced scriptwriter of training and marketing videos for corporates, especially in the financial, blue chip and retail sectors. Clients have included British Aerospace, Prudential, UBS, Argos, and numerous SMEs. Plus a number of major distance learning programmes for the National Association for Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders (Nacro), and the Alzheimer's Society.

In recent years, I've researched and written customised plays for live Forum Theatre-style performance by professional actors for Pfizer, the National House Building Council (NHBC), and a number of borough councils. I'm also an experienced actor in this kind of drama, as well as a role-player, group facilitator, and 1-1 coach in presentations and conversations.

Over the years, I've worked for many theatre-based training organisations including AKT, Creative Intelligence, and the Map Consortium, and since 2005 have run my own consultancy, Play4Real.

Clients include many major corporates (Biersdorf, Leaseplan, Pfizer, Mars Group, Wrigleys); public sector and local government organisations (the NHS, the DWP, the DfES, the Department of Health, Transport for London); and at the other end of the scale, groups and individuals from numerous SMEs.