Lillian Warkentin

Lillian Warkentin

Miembro desde 5 años •
"British born, DC based, Voiceover worldwide"

As a native Brit who has migrated to Washington DC, I provide voiceover in my natural RP, regional British accents, as well as genuine Midatlantic accent! Whether you’re looking for east coast attitude, or Proper British class, I’d love to be the voice of your project.


Voice and Speech/Shakespeare Theatre Company,
Character acting/Fostering Characters,
Technique and Technical Training/Gravy for the Brain,
Voice Over Acting/Voice Over Training Institute,
Acting/Tom Todoroff,
Nonfiction Narration/Sean Pratt Presents,
Improv/The Theatre Lab


Fiction and Non-Fiction Audiobooks
Telephone Systems
Corporate Introductory Videos


Fully produced audiobooks to any required specs