Lileina Joy

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Sweet, Fun & Energetic Real Kid Voiceover Artist"
Lileina Joy

Lileina Joy fits her name to a "T." Her joyous & happy attitude is contagious! Little Lileina (Pronounced: "Li-Lay-Nah") is a professional voiceover artist and actress. Her years of experience and training give her a professionalism well beyond her years. Lileina is a professional commercial and theater child actress who has also done voiceovers for NBC, CBS and more. She is energetic, joyful, playful and adorable! Lileina is trained professionally in acting and voiceovers. She takes direction very well and has received glowing feedback from directors and coaches. Lileina Joy is homeschooled and has an open availability; she has a very fast turn-around on production requests.


Voiceover: All Genres * Private, Group, Workshops


As a Principal Talent (on-camera, voiceover, print), Lileina has worked with the following highlighted clients: Disney, NBC Golf, CBS Radio, Google Home, The YMCA, Adventist, Nemours, Florida Medical Clinic, Encore Resorts, Bestway, Wolfgang Puck, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Philadelphia Public Schools System, Coleman, CHIP, H2O Go Products and many more.

Lileina Joy is part of the talented little voiceover duo "A Lil' Joy Kids Voiceovers," with her little sister, Lucy Capri. Together, they have over 350 professional voiceover credits to their names.

FUN FACTS: One of the animated short films Lileina Joy voiced, was nominated for a Canadian Academy Award in 2021 and one of the commercials she solely voiced, was nominated in 2020 for an American Emmy Award!

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"I had the absolute pleasure and honor of working with Lileina Joy on an on- commercial / voiceover last week. I am a huge fan of kids and love working with them, but never have I had so much fun and seen such a professional as I did with young Lileina. Her attitude and energy were fun, funny, infectious, dedicated, and unflagging. She knew her lines to a tee but they in no way sounded memorized. She is a heck of a natural and she won everyone over. I honestly wish I could just shoot commercials with her every day. She is an amazing talent and a blast to work with. I wanted to make sure you, her agents were aware of what a find Lileina is. She made our shoot extra-special and I know the commercial will turn out better due to her talents. Thank you for your time." – NBC Creative Services Director

“What a joy it was to work with Miss Lileina Joy. She took direction exceptionally well, was focused and wasn’t afraid to take some risks. Lileina is a director’s dream! Take after take, she kept giving me what I wanted, and remained positive and energetic. She is an extremely talented young lady who truly brought sunshine to my day.” - Yes! I Kahn Productions