Libby Taylor

Miembro desde 7 años •
"Young and fresh!"

Soft, smooth and sexy to energetic and funky, Libby's voice can be used in any situation. Reassuring and resonant for commercials, warm and easy for narration. With confidence and wisdom for any corporate presentation. This is the female voice that is as versatile as it gets.


Having worked in my early career as a session vocalist I have learned to adapt my singing and speaking voice and to take direction quickly and effectively. Throughout my career I have been asked to be many characters with many voices and accents. My work as a copy writer for radio has meant that I can quickly understand how to deliver scripts in the most effective way, without too much cheese!


Clients include: Sainsburys, Brighthouse, IBM, Global Radio, UTV, Ticketline, PHMG, Advitel.


Copy writing.