Leslie Grant

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"Les is More"

Leslie Grant is an up-and-coming voice over actor looking forward to becoming the next addition to your project. Whether you’re looking for a laid back girl-next-door, a quirky side kick, a CEO padded-shoulder boss, or just a friend to have an everyday conversation with, Leslie is your voice.

Having worked as an animal trainer in the entertainment industry, Leslie understands that time is money. She can get you the sound you need in record time all with a professional attitude, and a bit of humor on the side.

Leslie has a passion for entertainment. She loves nothing more than putting a smile on your face and getting a good hearty laugh out of you. Through her work, she looks forward to joining you in creating a product and sound that makes the audience feel that passion for themselves.


Studied with Such A Voice and took classes from BlumVox Studios.


Recently booked a gig with a new sci-fi/fantasy podcast called Dreambound.


Can sing, play drums, and post edit audio recordings.