Leo Lunde

Leo Lunde

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Delivers your message with authority and trust"

I've specialized myself in business videos and commercial voice overs, but I've also fallen in love with audiobooks. I can deliver your message with authority, or I can be the friendly millennial needed for your next project.


I started out at my local radio station, and ended up running two internet radio stations as well. I'm certified in Adobe Audition, and I have more that 11 years experience as a VO.


Worked with several well-known brands like Betsson, Circle K, Tine, eToro, Nestlé, Remax, Nordicbet and NordVPN, to mention a few.


I'm certified in Adobe Audition, and offer sync-to-video (not live video dubbing), editing and post production services, basic radio imaging mixing, and sound effects as needed.