L. Marie

L. Marie

Miembro desde 2 años
"Jovial, casual, full of life, sincere and connected voice artist"

I am a voice over actress with versatile skills to fulfill your production needs. My voiceover experience consists of working with a radio psa, universities, workplace training, medical supplies’ company, business compliance training, religious organizations, and voicemail for an insurance company. I have experience with medical explainer videos, e-learning videos, and training videos.

I can communicate with the British, African, Indian, Southern accents.

My voice ranges are child, teenager and adult females. I have worked on television shows and short films. I currently have a recurring role in a web series. I am a singer and songwriter. My song “Magnetic Love” is available in iTunes and other musical platforms such as Spotify, Google music, etc. I am a creative, artistic, jovial, adaptable, caring and hard-working individual which will be expressed in my work.


Commercial voiceovers with Steven Reisberg; Animation voiceovers with Cristina Milizia; Classes with Ajarae Coleman and Paul Barry; Voice Over for the Real People; Backstage acting courses; Training with Voice Coaches; Fiverr Voiceover certificate of completion, Film Art Course at community college, Get Scene Acting Studio, Acting courses at Global Voice Acting Academy, The Company Acting Studio, and Voiceover Webinars and Interviews, Casting Hours with Lori Wyman.


Superior (Sundance Film) ADR Voiceover, Crew Love web series co-star, and A Gift Called Home web series co-star. University of Pittsburgh, CTE, MidMark Spiro, radio PSA, Church in Africa and business meeting conference presentation to managers, radio PSA, voice messaging, medical supplies, radio PSA, and compliance training


I am a singer, songwriter, poet, and actress. I have a song titled, "Magnetic Love" on iTunes and various other music platforms.