Kevin Moriarty

Miembro desde 1 año •
"I am the Voice People Listen To"
Kevin Moriarty

My natural speaking voice is in the bass range, a/k/a, the "Voice of God" (I can hit a low B on the piano), but I have the flexibility to modify my voice to fit the particular needs of any job. With decades of life and professional business experience, I quickly incorporate critiques and direction into any performance to achieve the client's goals. I understand what it takes to be a successful professional -- I get the job done right, on time and on budget. And I really love this work!


I trained with Brian Thon of True Tone Studios, Dan Friedman, and am currently training with David Brower. Messrs. Friedman and Brower are industry veterans with many, many commercial spots.

I am also a member of World-Voices Organization and have participated on pay-to-play sites since 2016.


I've done a number of commercial spots, including a national internet spot for the PGA Tour. My focus in recent years has been on audiobooks, and to date I've done 22 nonfiction titles for a total of 200 hours (all available on Audible), all of the production from recording to editing and post-production. I can make the wonkiest technical stuff a pleasure to listen to!


I speak Spanish well, French conversationally, and have studied Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, German and Italian with varying levels of conversational competence.

I am an excellent copy writer and editor as well.