Kevin Cherry

Kevin Cherry

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Sincere, Playful yet Assured naturally gentle Scottish brogue."

Kevin Cherry naturally brings a sincere, playful yet assured voice to your projects. Originally from Ayrshire in South West Scotland, Kevin’s soft brogue has been described as warm, relatable and trustworthy.

A twenty year career in coaching training & development equipped Kevin to deliver corporate messaging and eLearning convincingly whilst his more recent career as an Actor, Improvisor and Stand-Up Comedian is evident in his character, comedic and artistic work.


Voiceover Kickstart I and II
ACT Brighton Foundation in Acting (including voice)


Preferred English language voice for StoryTourist APP. Narrator/Characters in The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and narrator in The Death of the Photographer.

M&G Investments, Let's Create and 90th Anniversary

Exquisite Vessel, Epitaph, produced & directed by Lucio Celomundo Poem by Celso De La Molina (2020)

Kids Animated Series, various characters, Tribe Audio

Leadability, various eLearning modules.

MK CFI - Noah, eLearning, Brave Man Media Delray Beach, Florida, US

Accounts from the American Revolution - British Men, Richard Lewis Media Group Watertown, Massachusetts, US

Animated Short Film, MarshalLance Celebration, Florida, US

Badvert, Fire & Iron Productions


Various accents and characters and assistance with copywriting. Some post production services.