Katie Leigh

Miembro desde 10 meses •
"Realistic Children, Characters, Warm, Friendly adults, Versatile"

I have worked in Hollywood for the last 40 years voicing and re-voicing kids. I have experience in every form of VO, especially Animation. I am a lead in the longest radio radio series in the world, Adventures in Odyssey, where I have played a teenager for over 30 years. I create characters all day long and love doing it. I am also an Animation Director, Coach and Casting Director with a professional home studio.


I did Improvisational theater and trained with Michael Bell and Lucille Bliss. But I mainly learned on the job from the best VO talent in Hollywood. I have a BA in Broadcast Communication Arts.


Being part of the Emmy winning original Muppt Babies Series as Baby Rowlf and playing Sunni Gummi on Disney's first animated Saturday cartoon series. I voiced the Little Maharaji in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I am currently working on several animated series.


I have a professional home studio equipped to work Remotely.