Kat O'Connor

Kat O'Connor

Miembro desde 4 años
"Young with an Edge | Millennial | Versatile | Real | Warm"

I'm passionate about helping and telling the stories of individuals and companies through any format, whether it be in a commercial, a video game, an audiobook, and many more. I read genuinely, clearly, and directly. I take my time with each phrase and have the versatility to fit many different energies, themes, and characters. I have a naturally young, millennial sound, perfect for reaching many audiences. I have a passion for commercial, but love character work, video games, and cartoons. My sound can be perfect for anything from a teenager to an adult to a cartoon.

I hear you're looking for a voice actor? Maybe I can help.


Abacus Voice Over NYC


Metro Productions | Video | PSA about the harms of releasing balloons on our environment.

Full Moon Productions | Radio Spot | PSA about young woman's healthcare in Louisiana.


Proficient Piano
Accents: Irish, British, Southern, Boston, Valley Girl, Minnesota
Basic Post Production and Editing