Kara Lea Kennedy

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"The sound of quirky insight."
Kara Lea Kennedy

As a voice, I use insight and humor to catch the audience off guard. Whether you are looking for an amusing, conversational, easy-going, animated, persuasive, motivational, medical, sweet, technical, personable, trustworthy, awkward, inspirational, corporate, eccentric, approachable, or articulate read, I will deliver. Quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

As an actress, I have been connecting with audiences since childhood. My sound can wear many hats, including millennial, mother, soccer mom, snob, therapist, storyteller, doctor, girl-next-door, housewife, teacher, TV host, villain, aspiring artist, or narrator. I have spent years studying characters, emotion, personality, dialects and accents, laughter, cries, movement, and life. Give me your words, and I’ll give you a story.


J. Michael Collins
Gravy for the Brain
Dearing Acting Studio
Garth Williams Casting


I have booked commercial, film and stage work as an actress, and have worked towards breaking into voiceover for the past year. After much study and home studio building, I am ready to start working!


Singing, dialects, accents, caricatures