justine harris

Miembro desde 3 años
"British female - neutral, smooth, classy without alienating."

I specialise in effortless communication of complicated concepts to a wide audience and record a lot of radio and TV commercials as well as eLearning work. I'm most at home in my studio, happy to be an ingredient in any project at short-notice, big or small, local or national and I'm as passionate about customer service as I am about helping you sound exactly as you've envisaged. I work however you do. Many people like to pick up the phone and chat about what they need and want some samples, others are buried in work and need to trust that they can email me their commercial script and have a WAV back within an hour. That's fine too.


I've been in this business a long time and most of my training has been on the job in numerous directed ISDN and in-person sessions with hundreds of producers with their different ways of doing things over 3 decades. No training can match this but I first had training at The Actor's Centre in London in the 1990s.


Hello - I've been around a while and won some awards including for promo work on BBC's The Apprentice. I've worked extensively in promos and imaging and commercial TV and radio campaigns - recent national campaigns include Flybe, Natwest, Bird's eye and Sure deodorant. Other clients include Virgin trains, Virgin Atlantic, Coca-cola, Google, Vodafone, Holiday Inn Express, Bang & Olufson, Tommy Hilfiger, Excel, Carlsberg, Radisson, Tresemme L'Oreal, Danone Activia, Cancer Research UK, Wallis, British Museum, HSBC, Marie Curie, Pure, Halfords, Lloyds pharmacy, Macmillan Nurses, Holmes Place health clubs, Royal Intitution, Channel 5, Marks and Spencer, Classic fm, Nike, Boots, KPMG, The Lonely Planet, Volvo, Pantene, Clarins, Imperial Leather, Ecco shoes, Land Rover, Wallis, Asda, Morrisons, Co op, P&O/Carnival cruises, Thomson holidays, Habitat, Packard Bell, TNT, Jumeirah, Imodium, San Disk, Ikea, TK Maxx, Bounty,
Marks and Spencer, Sony, Audi, Land Rover, Toyota, Clarks shoes, The Lonely Planet, Bounty, GAME, Somerfield, Habitat, Packard Bell, TNT, Imperial Leather, Dairy Crest, TK Maxx, Imodium, Clarins, Daily Mail, Debenhams, Nationwide, Nokia, BMW, Pantene, Dixons, Iceland, Coop stores, Carpetworld, Sainsbury, Ladbrokes, Boots, House of Fraser, Morrisons, Lloyds Pharmacy, Ikea, Tesco, Co-op, Asda, Dunelm Mills, Ocean Finace, HSBC.