Judy Fossum

Judy Fossum

Miembro desde 7 años •
"Warm, natural, intelligent, bright, professional, refined"

I started in radio (small town USA DJ) and went on to get degrees in journalism and science (meteorology). Education has always been important to me and still is as I continue to take classes in voice acting and in business (as well as other fun stuff like gardening). I love the creative part of being a voiceover actor, but I actually really enjoy the "business" side of things as well. As a female voice actor, I truly enjoy partnering and working with other businesses (of all sizes) to help them get their messages to their clients and potential clients. People are busy, businesses are busy, and so I strive to provide top-notch customer service, prompt correspondence and clear, high-quality recording to all of my clients. As my background is in science, having worked as a meteorologist for nearly 12 years, and being that I genuinely appreciate education, I enjoy and voice a great deal of projects that have to do with teaching and explaining things through storytelling and getting the listener engaged. I'm passionate about health and wellness and taking care of the environment (I'm not perfect, but I recycle what I can, use reusable shopping bags and a reusable water bottle). I adore the mountains, kayaking on lakes and rivers (calm ones) and going for hikes. I love to travel, to learn about different cultures and to eat their cuisine. It's through these experiences that, along with my voice acting training, I work to be a partner with businesses and clients to help them tell their stories (even a 30-second commercial has a story line).


Voice Acting Academy (California)
Denver Center for the Performing Arts (Colorado)
Abacus Entertainment (New York)
Marla Kirban Voiceovers (New York)
Voices Voicecasting (California)
Marc Cashman (California)


Wienerschnitzel Hotdogs
Denver Art Museum
Cherry Creek Mall (Denver, US)
Sanofi - eBuy
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Green House Data
American Specialty Pharmacy
University of Wyoming
Regence Insurance
North Dakota State University
Porter Adventist Hospital
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Cheyenne Radiology
Mobilitat, Trunq, Arrow Benefits Group, Content Raven (explainer videos)


Providing clients with a clean and clear voiceover audio track is very important to me. I can provide some post- production in that I can easily edit breaths out of a recording and can normalize it to -3dB. If desired I can easily add in a bit of processing (EQ and compression) that will help make the voiceover shine and stand out.

For message on hold/IVR/phone systems, I offer a royalty free music library to which I can easily mix in background music. Once I know what genre of music you prefer, I'll provide you with a few samples to choose from, you choose your favorite and I'll add to the voiceover.

For longer-form projects (eLearning as an example), dividing and saving the audio file into several smaller files is a service I offer as well.

My studio (fitted with LED lights and partially powered by the wind thanks to our residential wind turbine) allows me to save audio in any format and with any audio specifications your project needs.