Jordan Becker

Miembro desde 1 año
"For that young male sound you're looking for, any way you need."
Jordan Becker

Jordan's versatility gives a wide range of youthful male voices, whether you're looking for a high-energy, fast-paced, excited, fun, cool teenager or a steadier, deeper, calm, smooth, warm young professional. Add to that a variety of American and international accents, his ability to read Spanish and French with a native cadence, and his musical strength in jazz, pop, musical theatre, and chorales, and you've got everything you need for that perfect young male voice.


Jordan's vocal training rests on a foundation of musical and choral expertise with coaching throughout the past ten years. Besides that, he has a strong base of speech and debate coaching, as well as voice over coaching which he began after moving to Los Angeles six years ago.


Jordan has a a wide range of satisfied clients, including IHOP, Hatch Early Learning, VOOKS, EdgePoint Learning, and a variety of small businesses. All are available for reviews and referrals.


Jordan has strong musical abilities, with vocal expertise in choral music, jazz, Broadway, and pop, as well as some original songs.