Jon Vidler

Miembro desde 5 años
"Versatile . Natural Professional Sound"

I can have a flat Australian speaking voice (which is my natural speaking voice ) , or I can sound convincingly like a real outback Aussie and everything in between . I have a large vocal range . I regularly do reads as a 20 year old - or I can sound alot more mature . Im good at doing natural reads - and I can very easily sound like an announcer . I dont do hard sell very well - but just about everything else I can do and have done .


I learnt my skills as a voice over artist from initially a radio school that taught students how to read commercials . I then worked in radio for many years in tight and loose music formats . I did commercial reads to compliment those formats I have recently done talk radio as well as a comedy and music show.


I have worked for a range of brands large and small . Some of the names you might know include Westpac, Tetley Tea and Qantas.


My special skill is that I can come up with character voices very quickly . You just need to described the sort of character you are looking for