John Wood

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"Deep * Genuine * Smooth * Energetic * Smart * Authoritative"

If you have voice over needs of ANY kind, then trust me; I'm your guy!

I have a smooth, deep baritone voice that can shift from a booming announcer voice down to the guy that lives two doors down from you. I can be smooth, professional, and corporate, but can also be warm, genuine, and believable. I have 20+ yrs of experience in multimedia production, and I have the trained skill to shift my voice into whatever needs you have. Since I'm a high school teacher, I have the range to do both commercial imaging AND remote/e-learning curriculum. With a slight Southern drawl (I'm a lifelong North Carolinian), I can also be the trustworthy consumer or the authentic narrator, the energetic oversell or the calmness of your most trusted guide.

If you need it, I can deliver it!


*I have 25+ yrs of experience behind the microphone - radio, television, film, etc.
*I currently teach digital music creation/production, video production, and mass media
*I have recorded, produced, mixed/mastered hundreds of radio spots over the course of my career
*Trained public address announcer for Cleveland High School, Research Triangle High School, Buies Creek Astros/Fayetteville Woodpeckers, and Campbell University.
*I have created, produced, hosted, and managed 4 sports podcasts over the course of 18 years.


*Worked in radio, television, and print journalism companies in 6 different states.
*Won a regional Emmy Award in 2002 for best news writing in Atlanta, GA.
*Was a NPPA photographer of the year semi-finalist in 1996 in Spokane, WA.
*I am certified on the Adobe Creative Suite.


I offer skills with music beds, stingers, liners, bumpers, legal IDs, and other radio imaging.
I can mix, master, quantize, and normalize music.
I have decades of copywriting, editing, and proofreading experience.