John Stretton

John Stretton

Miembro desde 8 años •
"Voice Artist, Voice Talent, Mimic, Animation, Radio, Web, TV"

Since a young age John has mimicked voices and voice over styles from around the world. For the last 25 years, he has fine-tuned his abilities to specialize in British UK, American and Australian accents. John has recorded Commercials, Training, Multimedia, Web Explainers, Animation, Trailers and Awards Presentations in countless numbers. An exceptionally talented and versatile professional, John is seen as the ‘vocal chameleon’ for so many projects – often being asked to voice multiple roles or characters – even in different styles and accents. He has a wonderful ability to take the listener on a journey that is personal and intimate, fun and informative, or corporate and authoritative (and everything in between). John’s greatest loves are: voice mimicry, and (animated) character voices. John Stretton is a strong asset to any production. His skills and high quality audio will leave your listening audience with memorable and impacting resonance. John’s voice delivery range is truly astounding. Listening to his Voice Samples will easily confirm your decision.


Montage Studios audio production, Australia
Professor John Higgins, UK British and American accents, Australia


Selected International Clients:
Accor Hotels
Platinum HD Propvid
Amazing Voice Dot Com
Big Fish Media - UK
International Services dot com
Intrepid Production
TVP Direct
Deals 2 U
Book Tease
Blue Square Media
Afri Mobile

Selected Australian Clients:
Sarah Chambers Audios
Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Hyne T2-Red (VO all animated / CGI characters - National Campaign)
Woolworths (Corporate Training DVD's / Conference Voice Overs)
BHP Billiton P/L
AIS P/L - National Advertising and Promotions On Hold
Scotty's Cinemas
Heddon Greta Drive-In
Channel 9 / NBN Television
Channel 7 / Prime Television
Southern Cross Ten / Southern Cross Media
Thurnham Teece P/L
Montage Studios P/L
WB Financial (Australia)


Proficient Accents:
American, Proficient
UK British, Proficient
Australian, Proficient
South African, Intermediate

Voice Over
Audio Edit and full mix down
Mimic Accents
Animated Character Voices
Green Screen, Autocue, Teleprompter
Live Voice Over/Presenter/Host