John Reilly

John Reilly

Miembro desde 1 década •
"TV, Radio, Commercials, Audio Books, Narrations, Trailers, Web"

John, with over 30 years experience is the voice of CBS THIS MORNING, THE JUSTICE NETWORK, MUCH TV an MTV in Canada. He has been chosen as one of the TOP 50 RADIO IMAGING VOICES in the US, and can be heard on radio stations across the US, in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston and more. His client list includes Major League Soccer, Virgin Gaming, Lebanese Brew, Lojack, Volvo, Pantech, Dollywood, ADP, IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and more.
Every one of John's reviews have been 5 star. And many of his clients have turned into repeat clients.
You can hear more of his demos and check out his video page by visiting His turnaround time is second to none…his clients often comment on how quick he completes his projects. And he ALWAYS delivers multiple takes, giving his clients plenty to choose from so their project comes out exactly as the planned.


Voice Lessons and over many years of on the job training.


Over 30 years in Radio, chosen as one of the TOP 50 RADIO IMAGING voices in the US. Voiceovers for multiple formats, TV, Commercials, Narration.
Currently the voice of THE JUSTICE NETWOR, CBS THIS MORNING, MUCH TV and MTV, Canada, radio stations in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Manilla, Romania, Dallas. Also on the Associated Press website for promos for the inauguration of Barak Obama. Also did voice and imaging for Grand Theft Auto 4. Infomercials for Time Life "Carol's Crackups," The Sharper Image, Brookstone, Debbie Meyer, Game Trailers and more,
Web narrations for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, ADP, Thousands of commercials spanning my 30 years. You can see videos featuring my voice at


I also offer copywriting and complete production services with full 24/7 studio capabilities. I always offer quick turnaround.