Joe Cali

Joe Cali

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Warm, soothing, professional, educated, friendly."

Joe Cali speaks YOUR mind… your thoughts… your meaning – the way you heard them. A core background in writing and marketing fuels his unique voice print, providing clients with a grounded understanding of their goals. Joe interprets with a distinct versatility crafted by producers from Sydney’s TBWA to PBS to the Veterans’ Administration. He’s inspired pride in the Kansas City Royals… illuminated Ford’s F150… and narrated NBCUni's Ironman World Championships. He’s guided a sales force for the Heinz on-line university… introduced Dubai’s World Drone Prix… and given a North American perspective to South Africa’s First Rand Bank. Whatever the medium, Joe Cali speaks YOUR mind.


Marice Tobias intensive workshop

audio producer
entertainment publicist
BS, Journalism-Public Relations


Over twenty years of Kansas City Royals, Ford F150, KXAS Dallas, First Rand Bank, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Fox 5 San Diego, US Veterans Administration, Heinz, Baltimore Symphony, Sensit, Captron, Indianapolis Symphony, Runtastic, Eaton, Meyer, Chromalox, Westfield


Voice Qualities: Authoritative, characters, conversational, folksy, friendly, gravitas, intimate, news-sports, real person, seductive, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller, textured, traditional announcer

Medium: Audio Books – Commercial – Corporate - Elearning - Promo - Telephony

Languages: North American English

Accents: Spanish/Italian/Russian/New York/New England/Southern

Singing Voice: Baritone