Joanna De Veyra

Joanna De Veyra

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"Mature, friendly, conversational, motherly"

I sound great as a mom or a teacher.
I particularly am great at e-learning, especially in Filipino/Tagalog.
I've been doing a lot of animation character work for youtube in both Tagalog and English. I can do kids voices, princess types, old witch voices, and narrator voices as well.


I had voice-over training from Vocalliance (Foundational and Intermediate Voice Acting), Labing Pilipinas (Dubbing and Voice Acting), CVAP (Voice Acting), and a theater acting course with PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). I'm also a professional storyteller in the Philippines affiliated with Pinoy Storytellers, Alitaptap Storytellers, and Adarna House.


I've voiced various AVPs for good causes like the Hope of Lupus Foundation, Rohei Foundation (for pregnant women in Crisis), as well as for RH Care (health-related AVPs).
I've also done great work with voiceovers for government agencies and initiatives here in the Philippines. I also loved that I was involved in a fantasy podcast series called The Lost Shaman.


I can sing.