Joana Garcia

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Rich, soothing and graceful"

Joana's voice has been described as rich, soothing and graceful. Her vocal style is conversational and friendly with an air of authority if needed. She is a natural storyteller with numerous audiobooks on Audible.

She can engage an audience whether your script calls for an instructional tone, a compassionate tone or bright and cheery tone. Her ability to connect with the script helps the listener connect with your message.

If you need a professional and dependable voice over experience, you can count on her! ​From her home studio she provides high quality audio delivered within 24 hours or less, in .mp3 or .wav. One round of pick-ups is included.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Please feel free to contact Joana directly:
Website at:
Call or Text: +1 - 209 - 591 - 8682


Joana has trained for audiobooks, commercials, promos, movie trailers, games, e-learning, documentaries, long form narration, etc.

Her coaches include Sean Allen Pratt, Randy Thomas, David Alden, Anne Ganguzza, Johnny Heller, J. Michael Collins, David Rosenthal, Stephen Jay Cohen, Scott Brick, Brett Winn, Danielle Quizzenberry, Marc Scott, etc.

She has taken numerous Improv classes and workshops, acting classes, and storytelling class.

She is retired Military with 20 years of Active Duty in the US Navy.


She has numerous books on Audible with the majority being nonfiction. She is also on Bee Audio, Findaway Voices, and ACX rosters.


Military jargon, American Southern, Southern California, West Coast, medical terminology, industrial terms and processes, Aircraft terminology, Aviation.