Jesse Salazar

Jesse Salazar

Miembro desde 12 meses
"From seminar to taco bar, choose Salazar!"

My radio broadcasting career for over two decades has been mostly in the rhythmic genre and the rest in Latin Hip-Hop. While I’ve done countless reads for many different types of industries, my strongest area of production is voicing spots that target the 18-34 demo. I pride myself in the ability to deliver reads for corporate clients as well as clients that prefer a hip-hop edge. English y Español.


As a radio host, my main purpose is selling myself to the listeners and creating a connection. This is achieved by communicating effectively through personality, content and creativity. Running bits on my show where characters are used has allowed me to build a greater dynamic and range. Another big part of the job is selling products and services for clients. Throughout my career, I’ve been an endorser and ambassador for many clients. This experience has really given me an insight into how to put together an effective message.


Biggest achievements include being the ambassador for Metro PCS for over 5 years. Other highlights include endorsing for many years a credit repair company, YouFit, Hyundai, Spectrum, Thompson Law Firm, Paypal and Tecate. Other notable mentions are Carnival Cruise Line, McDonalds, Home Depot, Hulu and more.


Special skills include producing, rapping, and putting together spots from beginning to end with effects, sfx and music.