Jeff Young

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"Powerful & Friendly"
Jeff Young

I have a broad range, baritone voice. I can perform friendly, dramatic, engaging, rugged, professional/corporate, and documentary style. My voice strength is middle-American to southern-American (But I can employ an Eastern-European / Czech accent from years living there. I also have excellent diction with the Czech language).


I completed a full VoiceOver training program with Sound Advice (Kate McClanahan and Jeff Finney). I completed a commercial demo with them. I have also completed several courses with Gravy For The Brain (the beginner's course and several others) .


I have done corporate VO for Shipt (for driver training) and an internet add with Key Grips through another P2P site.


I have the ability to edit my own VO and add music in post-production. I have experience as an editor with both TwistedWave and film/ sound editing with DaVinci Resolve 16.