Jeff Lavoce

Jeff Lavoce

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Warm, neutral sounding English, commercial too"

I am an English (British) voice-over. Best described as mellow, smooth, warm, and convincing. I can do very good business reads, or the more challenging reads, where complex maths, physics or the sciences are involved.

I have worked for clients all over the planet from Australia, the USA, Canada, China, and India, to Italy, France, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and many more.

My voice is best described as totally natural, highly believable, with a tone that appeals to an 'international' audience, (no strong accents - including British BBC).

My work has covered just about everything from reading the classics, to business style reads.

I deliver top quality files with a quick turnaround from an acoustically treated studio using high quality recording equipment. I am a trained engineer in electrical engineering, and have also worked in financial markets, so I can add more weight to your technical and business reads.

I rarely use any 'special effects' on my voice... unless you want it to sound like a movie trail or TV commercial .

I can do the full range from really serious reads, to upbeat sales reads. I am always up for a challenge!


My voice training/coaching was with Gary Terzza (UK) and Tony Paul (US), and a long list of british actors/actresses, have helped develop my style and tone. I received highly acclaimed reviews for my sound design work for Shakespeare's Tempest, at Ludlow Castle. Part of my training has been with the BBC, London West End theatres, and the former Cutting Rooms Studio.


"When we first thought of getting a voiceover for a video on our website, we had no idea what was involved. Jeff made the process simple and stress-free, and within no time he'd produced a recording for us that is in a totally different league to what we thought was possible for a small business like ours. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and we really hope that we get an opportunity to work together again."

Tom Greenwood
Director | Scamper Branding
Identity, Wordpress & SEO Specialists

A very warm, commercial sounding, and highly believable voice. A star!

Gary Terzza, Channel 4 TV (London)


“Absolutely blown away by the finished product. I'd love to put it into words here, but can't! Just fantastic. Will be using again very regularly in the future!”
Adam Croft, journalist/writer


“Jeff did an excellent job for me recording voice-over tracks for 22 Engineering lectures. The voice-overs are professional and engaging and have helped me create high quality education videos. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a talented voice-over artist. ”
Tim M, Australia


“5 points is not enough to rate Jeff and the work he has done for us. If there was an award for “Outstanding work”, then this would be the time to use it. Except for having a great voice he was deeply dedicated in delivering the best job possible. If you get a chance to work with Jeff then you can rest assure that you are in the hands of a true professional. We truly recommend his services. ”
Claes Lundin, CL Films, Sweden



I can add music, and effects to your production with our Pro-Tools system. I can mix several voices onto one track, (into stereo) which is very useful if you need a dialogue going between 2 or more voice actors. We often mix voices from around the World, and bring them all together as if they were recorded in the same studio, at the same time.