J.E. Burton

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Neutral, sincere, nonbinary, mature, versatile, youthful voice"
J.E. Burton

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Remember playing team sports when you were little? Think back to that championship game. The pride you felt giving your all for your team - the joy of your teammates bragging on you. Even your rivals commending you. The synergy. Earning renown for your efforts. Each person plays a key role in team winning.

Today the structure of interaction has changed in the corporate world, but the conventions are still the same: teamwork and synergy win.
Corporations compete in the global marketplace to win in a forum where brands gain and lose ground at dizzying speeds.
So, to win the global market often means bringing in outside professionals to help them do just that.
on e-commerce across all sorts of digital media.

And that's exactly where the professional voiceover artist comes in.

Once you hire me to work on your project, I'll make sure you're completely happy with your voiceover.

With over ten years of professional voiceover experience delivering internal and product videos, e-learning tutorials, promos, commercials, even animation and video games to studios around the world from Australia - to Central Europe - to the Pacific Rim and back -all from a high performance Los Angeles Source Connect Standard studio.

It's keeping those skills sharp and learning new strategies through regular workshops and mentoring that ensure you get nothing but J.E.'s best for your best day in and out, to your 100% satisfaction. Trust is the highest valued currency around. You pay more for high quality - expect nothing less.

Hire me to deliver the authentic performance that meets your needs.

Hear my corporate and commercial demos or request a custom audition or quote.


I have a nonbinary voice with a neutral accent. My voice is versatile and superhumanly flexible, so I can perform and sing in a range of tones from young girl and boy to an elderly woman.

Friendly, Youthful, Angelic, Childlike, Girly-girl, Boy-next-Door, Girl-next-Door, Toothy, Smiley, Flirty, Carefree, Precocious, Curious, Mischievous, Bright, Innocent, Sad, Excited, Eager, Clever, Coy, Determined, Giddy, Giggly, Goody-goody, Silly, Joyful, Posh, Spoiled,


• Steve Blum
• Marc Cashman
• Debi Derryberry
• Pat Fraley
• Anne Ganguzza
• Tim Tippets

I'm training year-round to improve my craft nonstop- to better serve you.


VAX Films, Montreal
San Pellegrino
Billy Graham Association
Diversity Complete
Hybrid Image Party Ltd.
Let's Trade
Maker Studios
Be Extraordinary
Keen Software House LLC
FC Edmonton
Elefun Games
Meister-Home Productions


Native Neutral accent.
As well as:

England: Brummie, Derbyshire, Geordie, London, RP
Welsh: Glamorgan

Regional U.S.
Californian: Valley
New England: Albany, Hartford, Rochester, Waterbury
New Yorker: Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan

I offer excellent voice matches of Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Mos Def, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Robert Downey, Jr, Chris Evans, and many, many more.