Izolda Trakhtenberg

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"The warm, natural, engaging voice for your next project"
Izolda Trakhtenberg

A voice actor for more than 25 years for clients like NASA and the National Geographic Society, Izolda will bring the same care and commitment to your project. Her voice is conversational, engaging, and authoritative. She is also a singer and performs jazz, blues, opera, classical, traditional, folk, pop, and others. Let Izolda give voice to your next project, and you'll make it the easiest and most enjoyable part of the endeavor.


Trained as an English Drama student at the University of Michigan.
Began voiceovers in National Geographic educational products and worked for many organizations and companies.
Voiceover study with Paul Liberti at The Actor's Connection including, Audiobooks, Commercials, and Animation.


Over thirty movie narrations for NASA
Over twenty product narrations for the National Geographic Society
The Museum of Pop Culture, Sound Studio
National Federation of the Blind
Danya International LLC
Office of Project Head Start


Mezzo-Soprano singer with skills in jazz, traditional, classical, folk, and pop. Range B2-A5.
Lead soprano and manager for The Philosopher's Tones, A cappella Holiday caroling octet
Russian language speaker with standard accent.
British accent.
Southern English accents including, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina
Mid-Atlantic accent.