Ian Mcmullin

Miembro desde 6 años •
"InTelligent VO. Putting the Art in Smart"
Ian Mcmullin

Ian McMullin puts the art in smart as he forges a connection between the script and the audience.

Ian began his voiceover career creating spot-on imitations of the characters that make up his well-traveled life and wowing corporate audiences with his approachable and intelligent sound. Along the way, this son of an Airforce Officer and Speech Pathologist earned degrees in mathematics and management from Whittier College, an MBA in finance and strategy from the University of Michigan, and later completed his CPA.
Ian’s unique background compounds 20 years of corporate finance experience, mathematics, medicine, tech, science, and top 5 MBA and CPA with a musically trained ear and a penchant for character voices. This allows him to personally connect with technical, sophisticated, and academically dense scripts and deliver them with the ease and confidence of an insider your audience will trust.
The eternal perfectionist, Ian’s brings his corporate standards of professionalism, impeccable customer service and 24-hour turn-around times to every project. He will not rest until you have what you want, when you want it and how you want it.
In his off time, Ian enjoys traveling, getting outdoors for golf or tennis, practicing yoga, trap shooting, attending Cal-tech lectures, and dabbling in the local comedy/improv scene. He's also a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, men's mental health awareness, Alzheimer's research, and the Limb Preservation Foundation.


I have studied with Dave Walsh, J. Michael Collins, Keeley Wolter, and Mark McIntyre. I'm also a classically trained vocalist and pianist, and graduate of Brave New Workshop's Improv School.


Fischer Skis
Harvard Medical School
Boston Children's Hospital
Royal Bank of Canada
Abbott Labs
Mercury Marine