Holly Lindin

Holly Lindin

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Playing with the voice since 1981 . . ."

As a highly emotive, empathic person, I can put myself in the place of the character I'm playing and feel the many dimensions of emotion that one would feel in those situations.


Being a professional singer for over twenty years, taking operatic vocal lessons (and now teaching them!), observation of other accents/tones/voices, practising a litany of accents for friends, etc.


Caleb Rexius Productions
Collection Agency Films
Diamond View Studios
Domini Games
Elephant Games
Escape Goat Pictures
FilmStrong Productions
Forward Motion Media
Frostburn Studios
Jackman Studios
Lilith Games
Kalead Media House
Mamash Productions Group
REP Interactive
Sara Secora
Yoshima Books


I am also a professional singer, lyricist, and songwriter with over 26 years in the music industry.