Henry Aronson

Henry Aronson

Miembro desde 6 años •
"warm, funny, natural, mature, confidence, friendly, articulate"

People react to my voice with trust, comfort and good feeling. My delivery has the maturity to communicate authority and wisdom, but a lightness and good humor that give a feeling of familiarity and friendship. Well-suited for explainer and medical texts.


Abacus Sound, New York City
Charles Mintz (private coach), New York City
EDGE studio, New York City


TripAdvisor -- VO spokesman for many TV spots in the "Don't just visit..." campaign.
Cablevision -- Cable TV provider in the New York City metro area (TV spot)
Allied Plumbing Heating and Cooling -- VO spokesman for two years for radio spots ("You've got an ally in the neighborhood").
Qunol - CoQ10 dietary supplements -- VO on several TV spots relating to heart health and cholesterol control
Novartis - voice for animation of cancer treatment


Write music and lyrics, record music, sing.