Greg Beaton

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"Warm, versatile American English voice that's fun to work with!"
Greg Beaton

Greg Beaton is a current promo voice at CBS, the voice of FETV, truTV’s Adam Ruins Everything & Luna Park at Coney Island. With a strong background in most aspects of marketing, TV & film production, he first worked as a producer for creative film marketing agency Alkemi Entertainment from 2003 to 2006 (where his team won 4 Promax Awards), then switched gears to produce, edit, mix & narrate for Sony Pictures Television’s Creative Services department from 2006 to 2015, during their “Golden Age of Television” era, including Breaking Bad & Hannibal. In 2015, Greg switched tracks yet again – this time to dedicate himself to voice work full-time.

Early days for Greg started with producing independent creative projects & music with friends, where he would often be engineer, multi-instrumentalist & narrator. Sundays were often spent reviewing VHS tapes from the previous night’s SNL broadcast, doing his best to imitate Phil Hartman, Mike Meyers & Dana Carvey’s brilliant performances from the night before, so that friends would hopefully be impressed come Monday. After growing up in the wondrous, thunderous city of Niagara Falls, NY, Greg got his education at the University of Buffalo and then moved to LA in 1999.

When time permits, Greg finds the creative headspace to pursue documentary & independent filmmaking as well as his lifelong love of writing & producing music. Additionally, he has edited, engineered, sound-designed, produced, scored and mixed countless freelance projects, most recently for Pop-Up Magazine, Google & HBO.

Modern, warm & natural, classic promo, or downright sardonic, Greg can deliver exactly the right voice for your production. On camera, Greg will be appearing in the upcoming film Hellblazers with Billy Zane and Bruce Dern, and his voice work can be heard in upcomingThere’s No Such Thing as Vampires, premiering at the Dances With Films festival in August 2020.

Range: naturally middle with low capability
Texture: light with some harmonics and gravel, textured
Celebrity: Phil Hartman, Will Arnett, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, Sam Elliott


• Brian Cummings' Class Act Workshop
• Richard Redfield - Trailer and Promo VO Workshop
• Richard Redfield - Trailer and Promo Private Coaching
• On-the-job as a voice talent for a major Los Angeles Agency since 2009
• On-the-job in the past as a video editor; working my voice into hundreds of projects


• This year I've been working with CBS on broadcast promos, most recently for Big Brother, NCIS & Young Sheldon.
• I've been the voice of the network FETV, Family Entertainment Television, since 2017
• I've been the promo voice for all seasons of truTV's Adam Ruins Everything since 2015
• I've voiced countless promos and trailers for Sony Pictures Television, including a very special promo that was targeted directly to AMC to save the show Breaking Bad from being cancelled at the end of the third season. I am very proud of the fact that my voice, writing and editing skills contributed to saving the show as it went on to be one of the most important shows ever.
• You can sometimes hear me as the voice of Coney Island in NYC, announcing seasonal events and themes within the park.


• Copywriting
• Video Editing
• Sound Mixing
• Producing
• Composing