Grace Lapsys

Grace Lapsys

Miembro desde 10 meses
"Personable, genuine and articulate bilingual VO actress"

I have been acting for 12 years of in stage, film and TV and can improvise and adapt easily in multiple media environments.

I have six years of experience working in film and TV production thus I can do quick turn around times and work with various production budgets.

Fluent in Tagalog & American English (neutral).



Fundamentals of V.O. Michelle Campbell
& Steve Corona
Improv Allison Bills The Second City - Hollywood
Musical Improv Amanda Murphy The Second City - Chicago
Commercial Workshop Faith Hibbs-Clark Good Faith Casting
Advanced Acting Intensive Vivian Nesbitt, Frances L. McCain Sol Acting Academy
On-Camera Scene Study Bob Jesser Bob Jesser Studio
Scene Study (Theatre) Joanne Camp, Susan Erickson CNM Theatre
Voice Kathleen Clawson, Kurt Robinson UNM/Full-Voice NYC


Joliesse Chocolates Lead American General Media
Valentines at Joliesse Lead ESPN
Election/Local TV Spot Female Voter Guide (Tagalog)
Alameda County Female Voter Guide (Tagalog)


I'm comfortable doing post-production for both Mac & PC; I use Adobe Audition.