Georgina Scott

Georgina Scott

Miembro desde 3 años
"Young, bright and energetic"

Coming from and acting background, I am able to connect with script creating strong characters and am great at taking direction. My voice playing age ranges right from aged 8 - 22 and have played boys under the age of 12.


I have been a professional actor since 2014 having trained at Arts Ed Tring and then Arts Ed London and started VO working in 2017.


Currently doing ongoing work with PitStop Productions on an upcoming unannounced Video Game since September 2019.
Voice of Cato in Panda Escape by Heartbreak Productions
Voice of Olivia in Print + Cut + Escape with clueQuest: The Live Escape Game.
Voice of Wendy Darling in an exhibition at Moat Brae House, the home of J.M.Barrie.
Voice of Tannoy Announcer in the video game Rogue Operatives by Bad Fox.


Home studio set up, very strong singer, have the ability to play both young boys and girls, versatile character voices for animation and video games.