Gaynor Kelly

Gaynor Kelly

Miembro desde 4 años •
"I LOVE to tell a story and you can tell..."

I love to tell a story and believe every time we use our voices we do just that. The story will always be more than the words they convey and that is what a good story teller does ....not just through books, even when the story is through e-learning; corporate training ; medical training.......engaging the listener is by "telling the story" in one voice or many.


American Academy of Dramatic Art
Playhouse West (Jeff Goldblum was a hard taskmaster.....very specific on using ALL the words in the

Larry Davis
Marc Cashman
Edge Studio
Many voice acting workshops in LA
Career really kicked off when I started and continued with:-
The Voice Actors Studio - Las Vegas


Book narration for many publishers through ACX
Developed and narrated many nursing education courses when working within Kaiser Permanente.

OK maybe "career REALLY kicked off" may have been a little exaggerated. I was brought to a rapid halt due to personal issues, so this is really a "RE-LAUNCH'


Recording, editing, post-production. Able to deliver files in any format requested and advantage of Re-Launch is RAPID turnaround.
Long career in the medical field, so very familiar with all forms of medical narration and self-help information (recently narrated books for both Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous).

And as an ex Midwife, great with "breathing" and "relaxation" narration.