Erich Schneider

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Warm, authoritative, approachable, trustworthy."
Erich Schneider

Need a young Dad next door? Erich delivers with a warm, authoritative, approachable style. He seems like that friend you trust, that knows more than he should and sounds younger than he is. He makes you want to listen and you better, otherwise he is going to pull this car over.


VO training and demo produced by Universal Voice Talent
Audio editing training with VO Tech Guru


Viewsonic - Promos - The Finchers
Provantage Waterproof Roofing - Commercial
Resideo - Commercial
Elephant Games - Video Game
Protein Industries Canada - Corporate Narration
Merck - Corporate Narration
Cisco - Small schools - Internet Video
Serena Serena - Voicemail - Message On Hold
Merck - Explainer Video
Lemonade Insurance - Commercial
Mitsubishi - E-learning
Puzzle PLus Games - Mobile video game Character
Shutterstock - INternet Ad
Quoir Publishing - Shame - Audiobook
Character - Puzzleplus Games
Audio Drama - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Resurgence - Voice of Somus