Emma Ladji

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"A deep and soothing female voice that is very versatile"
Emma Ladji

I have a mature voice that is also very fresh. So new brands looking towards innovation are ideal for me. I love doing audiobooks and am especially good at dialogue and realistic characters.


I am trained as a classical actress which involves extensive vocal technique. Working as a stage actress for many years means that telling stories is what I do best. As an actor I have performed a huge range of texts: from Shakespeare to contemporary and as a voice actor I have learned to hone these skills to create intimate and personable reads. I have been narrating and editing audiobooks for the past year. The demanding process of editing audiobooks has prepared me immensely for smaller projects in the future. The vocal demos you hear in my profile are mixed and mastered by me!


My work as a VO talent for the past year has been in the audiobook industry as a freelancer. I have produced and narrated eleven projects so far, most of which were novels over five hours long featuring multiple characters and accents. My strength is my attention to detail. I work meticulously to create the right tone and atmosphere whether the project is 100 words or 80,000. Every VO project tells a story and sets a mood.


I am also a singer. If anything needs to be sung in your script I am absolutely comfortable with that. I specialize in jazz.