Lio Herrera

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Millenial, Genuine, Warm, friendly, soothing, and resonant."

Hello! My name is Lio of Lio Voice Over, and I’m here to help get your message across with the best voice possible. When I’m not troubleshooting technology, or making chef-inspired meals at home, my passion is to bring copy to life with my friendly, resonant tone.

My goal is to give your copy the exact sound you want- whether it be warm, soothing, resonant, and conversational, or funny, energetic, powerful, and heartfelt. I’ll ensure that your voice over will stand out above the rest, and you’ll get fast, accurate delivery of your audio. You can always count on Lio Voice Over for a genuine and natural delivery that will draw your audience in and connect with them on a personal level.

Dallas, TX is where my wife and I call home with our two mischievous cats Tigger and Babs. When I'm not behind the mic or editing audio, you'll find me making fresh pasta, playing my favorite video games, reading fantasy novels, or building model kits.


Ongoing training with Rhonda Phillips of Rhonda's Voice via Skype/Zoom Room since March 2017.


Completed my first commercial demo with producer Macha Gruber of Macha Creative.

Actively coaching with Rhonda Phillips.

Completed a testimonial project for an advertising company in January of 2019.


I specialize in Commercial Voice Over, E-Learning, and Corporate Narration!