Edwin Naidu

Edwin Naidu

Miembro desde 2 años
"Good range, natural voice, clear speaker. Friendly and warm."

I am a writer for Nordic Film and actor. I can have a very smooth/reassuring voice. My normal voice sounds a lot younger then I am, so I can do teenagers and different types of high schoolers. I have been told I have a very clear and articulate voice. I find I do enjoy doing darker and more ominous characters.
When it comes to ads, I enjoy finding the "heartbeat". Finding that balance of pace and humanity in the piece is a challenge I welcome.


A lot of my experience is being in the booth and hands-on. As for the courses I have taken, they are as follows:

Brendan Hunter
-level one, two and three +
Six degrees
-Voice over and acting intensive
-Six Degrees Commercial VO2


I have done mostly ads for radio and commercials.

Most of what I have done is through 6 degrees studio. This includes:
West jet

I've also done an audiobook on ACX and a manuscript for a tech company through a voice 123 requests.

I had the opportunity to do some dubbing work for Sonic X as Knuckles the echidna It was for a children's COVID 19 educational video.


I can send over voice work fully edited. I can also add effects if requested.
If a higher production is needed, I have a full studio I can use for bigger projects.